Thursday, April 7, 1921: A lecture by Shigeo YAMAUCHI

Thursday, April 7, 1921: A lecture, “To get a good child,” by Shigeo YAMAUCHI (45), a biologist and a professor of Tokyo Higher Normal School, was published in the Tokyo Nichinichi Newspaper. The number of births decreases with the evolution of civilization. The gene of the excellent distant ancestor is transmitted to the human, and the acquired element or rearing environment is more important than the appearance and ability of the direct parent.

The opinion of Shigeo YAMAUCHI is different from ethnic eugenics, eugenics thought, genetic eugenics (“divine country” philosophy) which prevail in the Showa period, and importance is attached to acquired rearing environment regardless of birth.

“The reality of ideal inheritance is equal to all families.”

“It depends on whether or not you care about the environment that is the stimulus that is needed to express heredity.”

“In the West, nude statues of the best physical beauty are built in parks, etc., and the examples are shown to the nation. It is nothing but a revelation of the mind to admire the beauty of the human body as the ultimate beauty.”

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