Tuesday, April 12, 1921: Shiba Zojo-ji Temple new main hall

On Tuesday, April 12, 1921, the ridgepole-raising ceremony of the “Daiden”, the main hall of Shiba-Zojo-ji Temple, was held. The main hall of Zojoji temple, which burned down in 1909, was rebuilt over a period of 10 years. The event was attended by members of the Tokugawa family, Tokyo Mayor Shinpei Goto, Baron Yoshiro Sakatani and more than 5,000 ordinary visitors despite the unfortunate rain. Top priests of Zojo-ji Temple, Kanmu HORIO, who was the temple’s top leader “Daisojo” (94), attended the ridgepole-raising ceremony accompanied by nurses and died 13 days later. The grand palace was completed in 1923. Reconstruction costs amounted to 2 million yen.

The main hall of Zojoji Temple was rebuilt with such great attention, but it was destined to be burned down again in the Great Tokyo Air Raids on March 10, 1945, 24 years later.

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