Saturday July 2 1921: Mizuho Matsuda, the founder of Yoshinoya, was born.

1921 (Taisho 10) Saturday, July 2: Mizuho Matsuda, the substantial founder of Yoshinoya, was born. He was a student at Chuo University’s Faculty of Law during World War II, but went to the front as a student. After the war, he was demobilized and took over the family business of beef bowl restaurant in Tsukiji Uogashi. It has rapidly expanded to a synonym of fast, easy and good. 1958 The Company became a joint-stock company and developed a nationwide chain using TV commercials. we aggressively expanded our business overseas, including in the United States.

However, in order to rapidly expand the shops at that time, they used a lot of dried meat and powdered sauce, and the reputation of the taste began to decline and the sales decreased. The company filed for bankruptcy protection in 1980 due to poor business performance. 1983 The reorganization plan was approved, and Saison Group took equity participation. It was restarted with capital of 500 million yen and repaid 10 billion yen in reorganization claims in 1987.

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