Tuesday, July 26 1921: Colonel Hideichi Miwa, Chief of Staff of the 11 Division, killed.

1921 (Taisho 10) Tuesday, July 26 During a mission to Siberia, Colonel Hideichi Miwa, Chief of Staff of the 11 Division (Zentsuji), and others were attacked and killed by partisans on a bridge north of Manzovka while they were moving from Camp Nicolisk to the northern city of Spaskaya. At that time, the cabinet of President Takashi Hara was in the middle of negotiations with the Russian puppet state, the Far Eastern Republic, on specific conditions for the withdrawal of troops from Siberia.

Wahideichi, chief of the staff, who died in the battle, was promoted to major general on the same day. His father-in-law, General Shigeyuki NITAHARA, served as Chief of the 7th Infantry Brigade during the Russo-Japanese War, then Chief of the Konoe Shito, and Governor of Tokyo Eiju, and became Military Councilor, but just two weeks ago, on July 15, he was transferred to Yobieki. In February of the 11 Shidan, Lieutenant General Saito Suejiro, the divisional chief, died of illness, followed by the loss of Miwa, the Chief of Staff.

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