Thursday, March 24, 1921: Hara Takashi’s diary

When he was a teenager, Takashi Hara followed Father Ebrard, a Frenchman, to learn French and was baptized as a Catholic. Later, he joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and became a diplomat, but he never shared his faith with others. In his diary of the same day, he wrote about the papal mission and received a report from Kiichiro Hiranuma, the Attorney General, on the status of the investigation and future prospects of the Manchurian Railway scandal, which was shaking the ruling Seiyukai party at the time.

On the return of the papal delegation to Japan, Mr. Hiranuma came to pay his respects to the Pope, who had acted as an intermediary for our country and sent many missionaries to the new South Seas territory. He also sent a number of missionaries to the new South Seas territory. Mr. Hiranuma visited the Prosecutor General’s office to discuss the Manchurian Railway issue. Hiranuma also expressed his opinion that the recent deterioration of public sentiment necessitated an inspection of the local area.

Hara Kuiichiro (ed.), The Diary of Hara Takashi, Vol. 5: The Prime Minister’s Era, Fukumura Shuppan, 1981. 原奎一郎編『原敬日記 第五巻 首相時代』福村出版,1981年

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