Friday, June 10 1921: Crown Prince Hirohito arrived in Belgium.

Friday, June 10 1921 (Taisho 10): Crown Prince Hirohito, who was visiting Europe, arrived in Belgium. King Albert I and Prince Leopold of Brabant (later Leopold III) greet him in Brussels. A welcoming dinner was held at the royal palace on the same night. On the following day, he visited the grave of the late Emperor Leopold II. We received a warm welcome from the citizens.

Prince Hirohito looks young and dignified. The Japanese people at that time were very happy to see the Imperial Prince. While the prince was visiting Europe, it was reported in Japanese journalism in detail almost every day. The Crown Prince was very popular.

After a six-month tour, the Crown Prince arrived at Yokohama Port on September 3. According to Takashi Hara’s diary, there were no places along the route from Yokohama to Tokyo where there were no people left, and there were cheers everywhere. A film screening of her travels to Europe was also a big success, attracting 30,000 people to Maruyama Park where she met in Kyoto. When the Crown Prince stayed at Omiya Palace in Kyoto on September 11, a crowd of 50,000 people rushed to the gate, and the Crown Prince ordered the crowd to be drawn to the entrance, and it is said that he responded to the repeated shouting of banzai standing upright on the balcony on the entrance for 35 minutes.

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