Tuesday, April 5, 1921: rime Minister Hara Takashi held a party with newspaper reporters

Tuesday, April 5, 1921 Prime Minister Hara Takashi held an amusement party with newspaper reporters at his official residence. This was an unprecedented event by Hara, who attaches great importance to the relationship with journalism, which influences public opinion. The event was reported favorably by the newspapers. The event was unprecedented in the history of the Cabinet, and was reported favorably by the newspapers. “I invited more than 400 journalists, mainly from newspapers related to the Diet, and held a party at the Prime Minister’s residence.

Hara Takashi is often referred to as a commoner Prime Minister, a conservative politician who promoted the construction of railroads and roads across the country and used them to expand the Rikken Seiyukai party. In reality, however, he was a fashionable man who wore a frock coat and took care of his appearance, as described in this article. 29 to 33 years old, he worked as a diplomat at the French legation, and was exposed to the glamorous world of French politics and diplomacy, which led to his lifelong habit of taking care of his appearance. It seems that his exposure to the world of French politics and diplomacy led to his lifelong habit of taking care of his appearance. In addition, when the condition of Mutsu Munemitsu, whom he had been fascinated by, worsened, Hara left the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was asked to become the president of the Osaka Mainichi Shimbun, which he ran for five years. He must have been well aware of the importance of spreading his own image through journalism. It is interesting to see the methods of politicians that are still relevant today.

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