Friday, October 7 1921: Crown Prince Hirohito attended the homage ceremony at Kazoku-kaikan Clubhouse.

1921 (Taisho 10) Friday, October 7: Crown Prince Hirohito (20) attended the homage ceremony at Kazoku-kaikan Clubhouse, which is for aristocratic class in Japan. After watching “Ataka” at the Noh theater, he had a friendly chat with the members. Iesato Tokugawa (58), the President of the House of Peers and the President of the House of Peers, made a statement to celebrate his safe return from his long trip to Europe. Three cheers for the party. Kazoku Kaikan Hall is present Kasumi Kaikan Hall.

At 1:40 PM, he was sent to the Kazoku Kaikan (the Peerage House) to celebrate his return to Japan. Upon your arrival, all the members who line up in the corridor from the entrance of the hall will be greeted with a bow. First, you see Nohgaku (the art of Noh) at the Nohgakudo (Noh theater), and then you go to a temporary dining room where members gather. He received a message from the Duke Iesato TOKUGAWA, who was the director of the museum, to congratulate him on his safe return from a long journey and to thank him for his visit to the hall, to which he wrote the following message. “I am pleased that a celebration was held to celebrate my return from Europe. I hope that the main building will be built for a long time and that the friendship between the kazoku will grow deeper and deeper.” He ordered refreshments, during which time a navy band played music. When the performance is over, three banzai (cheers) are sung by the director. Then he went upstairs to the hall, had a pleasant talk with the members, and left at 4:50 and returned.

The Imperial Household Agency, “Emperor Showa Jitsuroku 3,” Tokyo Shoseki, 2019,p489

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