Friday, October 14 1921: a commemorative ceremony for the 50 year anniversary of the railway was held in front of Tokyo Station.

1921 (Taisho 10) On Friday, October 14. A celebration of the 50 year railway anniversary was held in front of Tokyo Station. Crown Prince Hirohito attended as Emperor Taisho’s representative. After a six-month visit to Europe on September 3, 20 year-old Crown Prince Hirohito returned home with tremendous popularity. The crowd gathered at Tokyo Station to see the Crown Prince at a glance and it was very crowded. Prime Minister Takashi Hara, Minister of Railways Hajime Motoda, and many other officials attended the ceremony and gave congratulatory speeches. Of course, there was also a word from Crown Prince Hirohito. They also commended those who had contributed to the railway and those who had worked for the railway, and praised the great achievements of the Meiji period. In fact, from around this time, the number of events to admire the Meiji period, that is, to admire the great achievements, has increased.

Nearly 10 years have passed since July 30, 1912 (Meiji 45), when the statue of Emperor Meiji passed away, and it was also a process of beautifying the image of Emperor Meiji beyond its actual condition. The Japanese people will then build up their image of the great Emperor Meiji to Crown Prince Hirohito, or Emperor Showa. In response to the expectations of those around him, Emperor Showa himself disciplined himself so that he would come closer to the enlarged and enlarged image of Emperor Meiji. It was the military in the pre-Showa era that used Emperor Showa’s efforts in a sense.

The achievements of Emperor Showa can be traced in detail in the published Emperor Showa Jitsuroku. In 2015, Tokyo Shoseki published “Showa Tenno Jitsuroku 3” (The True History of the Emperor Showa), edited by the Imperial Household Ministry. 493-494 pages.

On October 14, at 9:50 AM, he entered the Imperial Palace wearing ordinary army dress at the Odemon Gate. After a short stroll in the grapes room, he was ordered to visit the imperial palace at 10:20 as the Emperor’s representative at the ceremonial gate in front of Tokyo Station to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the railway. After having an audience with the Prime Minister Takashi HARA, the Minister of Railways Hajime MOTODA, and others at the Gokyusho, as gifts to the Emperor, he was shown an oil painting depicting the Emperor Meiji’s visit to the Shinbashi Station opening ceremony room and the Yokohama Station opening ceremony room in 1872, and heard an explanation from the Minister of Railways. Then, he came to the ceremony place and read the Imperial Rescript on behalf of the Emperor. Following the ceremony were congratulatory speeches by Minister Motoda, Prime Minister Hara and other relevant persons, commendations were given to those who had rendered distinguished service on the railway and those who had worked for the railway, and finally three banzai chants were given to the Emperor, Empress and Crown Prince by the Minister of Railways. When he finished, he departed from the site, returned to Miyagi, and reported to the Emperor. In addition, he greeted the Empress at a private ceremony and returned to Togu-gosho (Crown Prince’s Palace) at 0:30 PM.

If you are interested in Emperor Showa, why don’t you try “Showa Tenno Jitsuroku”?

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