Friday, April 22 1921: Duke Keomka, professional wrestler, was born.

1921 (Taisho 10) Friday, April 22 Duke Keomka, a professional wrestler who was active in the United States, is born. A Japanese American born in Sacramento. His real name was Hisao TANAKA. It is useful as a heel that uses anti-Japanese feelings. He competed against many famous American wrestlers. The tag team with Hiro Mazda is also popular.

Duke Keomka was in its prime in the 1960s. On October 31, 1961, he played against Buddy Rodgers, then NWA World Champion, and gained popularity. After that, he became one of the top wrestlers centering on the dispute with Fritz Von Erich. He won the NWA World Tag Team Championship four times. In 1965, he also won the NWA Tag Team Championship in Florida with Antonio Inoki, who is currently undergoing training in the U.S.

In the 70’s, he played an active role as a bookmaker in Florida, one of NWA’s leading golden territories. He died at the age of 1991, 70.

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