Monday, April 25 1921: Toyama Prefectural Railway opened

1921 (Taisho 10) Monday, April 25: Toyama Prefectural Railway opened. Initially, the operation kilometers between Minami-Toyama Station and Kamidaki Station were 6.6 km, and in August the distance was extended to Iwakuraji Station, which was 12.4 km. In the Taisho period, there were railroads operated by prefectures not only in Toyama but all over Japan. In 1943 (Showa 18), this section was merged into the Kamidaki Line of the Toyama Chiho Railway.

Tsukioka Station, located in this section, was the climax of the 2011 movie (Heisei 23) ‘Railways – For Adults Who Cannot Communicate Love’, directed by Masatoshi Kurakata and starring Tomokazu Miura.

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