Sunday, May 22 1921: the 11 th Japan Academy Awards ceremony was held

1921 (Taisho 10) On Sunday, May 22, the 11 th Japan Academy Awards ceremony was held at the Tokyo School of Fine Arts. Zennosuke TSUJI (Study of the History of Japanese Buddhism) and Gennosuke FUSE (anatomical study of the brain) were rewarded. Hikoshichiro MATSUMOTO (study of starfish) and Kunikazu TAWARA (Research on Japanese swords) received the Imperial Academy Award. Yoshizumi TAWARA (study of puffer toxin) received Duke Katsura Memorial Prize.

Zennosuke TSUJI, who was famous for his study of Japanese Buddhist history, is also known for reevaluating Okitsugu TANUMA. He fairly evaluated the achievements of Tanuma, who had a strong image as a corrupt politician, and described him as the largest free thinker in the early-modern times with the thought of opening the country to the world as a forerunner of the times.

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