May 22 1921: Kim Jong-oh, a Korean General, was born

1921 (Taisho 10) Sunday, May 22 Kim Jong-oh, a Korean General, was born in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province. While he was a student of the Faculty of Law at Chuo University in Japan, he went to war as a student and became an army lieutenant. After the war, he joined the Korean Army. In the Korean War, he was active in the Battle of Chuncheon and the Battle of Hakuba Highland. After the armistice, he served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Chief of the Army General Staff. He died at the age of 1966, 44.

The Battle of Hakuba Highlands was one of the fierce battles of the Korean War. In October 1952, the United Nations army and the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army fought over 395 highlands. The main force of the UN was the 9th Infantry Division of the Korean Army, and the leader was Major General Kim Jong-oh, who was only 31 years old. After a fierce battle for 14 days, Korea won. It is also called the model for the Korean movie ‘The Front Line’ (2011).

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