Monday, October 3 1921: Welfare activist Sato Hatsume was born in Aomori.

1921 ( Taisho 10 ) Monday, October 3 Welfare activist Sato Hatsume is born in Aomori. After graduating from Aomori Gigei Gakuin (current Aomori Akenohoshi High School), she became a teacher at an elementary school and married Mataichi SATO, whom she met while serving as the principal of the school.

In 1992, she sponsored ‘Mori no Iskia’ at the foot of Mt. Iwaki. It is a place of healing where people with troubles and problems are accepted and pain is shared. Throughout her life, she appealed to the world to change the way we eat food with the taste of simple ingredients. She died in 2016. She was 94 years old.

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