Thursday, April 28 1921: Kyohei FUJITA, a glass craftsman, was born

1921 (Taisho 10) Thursday, April 28: Kyohei FUJITA, a glass craftsman, was born in Okubo-machi, Toyotama-gun, Tokyo Prefecture. He studied chasing at Tokyo Fine Arts School (The present Faculty of Art, Tokyo University of the Arts), but he switched to glass craft in the middle. He aimed to express the traditional beauty of Japan with glass materials, and studied European glass techniques such as Venetian Glass. He established his own field of glass art with his own decorative glass art called “modern Rinpa school” which is a mixture of colored glass and gold leaf, and he was called “Kazaribako”.

He received the Onshi Prize of the Japan Art Academy for (Showa 64) “dance in spring” in 1989 and the Order of Culture in 2002 (Heisei 14). He served as Chairman of the Japan Glass Crafts Association for a long time. 2004 (Heisei 16) Died of pneumonia at the age of 83. His eldest son Jun FUJITA is also a glass craftsman. There is Fujita Kyohei Glass Museum in Matsushima Town, Miyagi Prefecture.

NHK personality record “FUJITA Kyohei (glass sculptor)” is constantly moving, and the moment it solidifies is glass. I want to grasp it well.

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