September 23 1921: Takara Tomoko, a Latin singer, was born.

1921 (Taisho 10) Friday, September 23 Takara Tomoko, a Latin singer, was born in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture. She joined Takarazuka Shojo Kagekidan (Takarazuka Girls Revue Company) at the age of 13 and played an active role as a star of the moon band. After the war, she debuted as a record player, recognized by the Tokyo Cuban Boys. Continuing Latin hits. In C’est Si Bon, sexy singing is controversial. He has participated in NHK Kohaku Utagassen four times.

Takara Tomoko’s “C’est Si Bon” published in April 1954 was banned. This was because her sexual singing voice in the middle part of the song was regarded as problematic and many letters criticized her. However, the topic of banning the song attracted attention and became popular. You can listen to this song on YouTube now.

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