Wednesday, June 29, 1921: Maring, the representative of Comintern in China, arrived in Shanghai

On Wednesday, June 29, 1921 (Taisho 10), Maring, the representative of Comintern in China, arrived in Shanghai. He started preparing for the first Chinese Communist Party Congress. Maring’s real name is Hendricus Josephus Franciscus Marie Sneevliet. He was a Dutch socialist. The Chinese Communist Party at the time will hold the meeting on July 23 with two leaders (Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao) absent. Although it is different from the historical fact, the Chinese Communist Party officially set July 1 as the anniversary of the party’s establishment.

According to the latest research results, the establishment of the Chinese Communist Party was in fact in November 1920, just before Chen left for Guangdong. Chen Duxiu et al. made “Declaration of the Chinese Communist Party” and published a magazine “Communist Party”. And, the representative was sent in the third Comintern convention in the next year, and the approval has been received.

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