A female candidate has emerged as the next president of Rengo

The Japanese Trade Union Confederation (Rengo), a national trade union center with 7 million members, is having trouble over the appointment of its next president.

At first, it was seen as a “decision” for Kanzuri, who has been nominated by her successor, Yasunobu Aihara, but even as Kozu’s term as chairman is about to expire in October, an abnormal situation continues in which the next chairman cannot be decided.

Aihara to Give Up Chairmanship

The Rengo’s executive nomination committee, consisting of the top eight members of its industrial unions, will select the next president (usually before the May holidays), make an official decision at its regular meeting in October, and set up a new executive.

As Kozu, who is now in his third term, announced his intention to step down and recommend Aihara as the next chairman of the committee early this year, it was expected that Aihara would be appointed as the next chairman.

However, Aihara’s decision to become chairman has been left undecided, with some industrial unions opposed to the Kamitsu-Aihara line of the Constitutional Democratic Party, which is aligned with the Japanese Communist Party.

Things suddenly changed in July.

A senior official of the Japanese Trade Union Confederation, or Rengo, said Aihara told the committee that he did not want to become chairman and wanted to continue as secretary general. According to multiple sources, “Aihara gave up his chairmanship at the request of his former union, the All-Toyota Trade Union Confederation.” had a strong influence on the situation.

Akio, president of Keidanren, now in a “suitable age”

A senior official of the federation said, “There was strong opposition to the promotion of Mr. Aihara, who had been promoting the merger of the opposition parties into the Constitutional Democratic Party on a three-way basis with Mr. Kozu.”. “If the relationship between the Constitutional Democratic Party and the Japanese Communist Party could be settled, Aihara would eventually be nominated as chairman.” said Akira Takakura, former Nissan Motor Co. chairman of the Japan Automobile Federation. “Aihara will not accept his appointment as chairman. strong intention of the president’s aides” a Toyota official said. The Federation of Toyota Workers’ Unions, which enjoys a honeymoon with Toyota President Akio Toyoda, apparently could not resist the wishes of Toyota management and Aihara, who was forced to leave the ladder, had no choice but to give up.

A former Toyota executive says something serious.

“Akio is now 65 years old, and he is about to become Keidanren chairman. If Aihara, a former member of the Toyota Federation of Labor, becomes chairman of the federation, he will hinder Akio from becoming chairman of the federation. No one from Toyota tops the list in Keidanren and Rengo.”

“August 26 Central Executive Committee”: Highlights

A member of the committee said, “In principle, candidates should be selected based on recommendations from each candidate’s hometown. ”.

Aihara is the first woman president of the Japanese Trade Union Confederation (Rengo) to take over the role.

Tomoko Yoshino, JAM vice chairman, and Kumie Inoue, head of the ministry’s general policy promotion bureau, are said to have been named by the Japanese Trade Union Confederation.

In particular, Yoshino is currently serving as vice president of the Japanese Trade Union Confederation (Rengo). “The birth of the first-ever female president will change the way people view the Union.” a senior official of the Japanese Trade Union Confederation, or Rengo, said.

However, a senior Rengo official said, “If a female president is elected, it is no use being regarded as a puppet of Aihara, who remains as secretary general.”.

A senior member of the opposition camp who is close to Kozu said, “It would be better if Mr. Kozu did not lose the election by winning four elections.”.

The Japanese Trade Union Confederation (Rengo) is expected to finalize its personnel management plan by the central executive committee meeting on August 26, but the Toyota Federation of Trade Unions, which is trying to drag Aihara out of the labor union, is an example of the bad attitude of the official labor union.

From FACTA (August 15)

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