Friday, April 1, 1921: Korean farmers living in Manchuria

Minoru Saito, Governor-General of Korea, reported the plight of Korean farmers living in Manchuria to Prime Minister Hara Takashi on Friday, April 1, 1921. Due to financial difficulties caused by the drought, they were unable to purchase unhulled rice, and in the end, the Governor-General of Korea and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs each contributed 15,000 yen to the relief fund. However, the ambiguity of land rights became an obstacle. At the end of the same year, this led to the establishment of Toa Kangyo Co.

(Manchuria Kangyo, Manchuria Agricultural Affairs) was established at the end of the same year. Although it was the time to sow seeds for Koreans in Manchuria, there was a pity that there were no seeds due to the poor harvest, and there was a request to do something about it. In the end, it was decided that the Foreign Ministry, the Kanto Office, and the Governor-General of Korea should consult on the amount of money to be raised and provide relief. Keiichiro Hara (ed.), The Diary of Takashi Hara, Vol. 5: The Prime Minister’s Era, Fukumura Shuppan, 1981, pp. 367-368.

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