Saturday, May 28 1921: an expulsion order issued to Vasily Eroshenko

1921 (Taisho 10) On Saturday, May 28, the Ministry of the Interior issued an expulsion order to the blind Russian author of children’s stories, Vasily Eroshenko, who was staying in Japan. Eroshenko arrived in Japan via Shanghai two years ago after an expulsion order was issued in India on charges of communist propaganda. He had just been arrested on May Day, May 1, because his activities, such as attending a convention of the Socialist League, were considered dangerous in Japan. Eroshenko was sheltered at Shinjuku Nakamuraya. During her stay in Japan, Eroshenko interacted with cultural figures such as Akita Ujaku, Eguchi Kan, and Ichiko Kanchika, and was well known among progressive literary figures.

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