Saturday, June 25, 1921: Asakusa Association was inaugurated.

Saturday, June 25, 1921: ‘Asakusa no Kai’ (Association of Asakusa) was inaugurated. It is a unique meeting where those who are related to entertainment in Asakusa, especially active movies and those who are related to education in the Ministry of Education meet. “Helen Keller,” a foreign movie released in February of the same year, was the first film recommended by the Ministry of Education. Led by Yoshihisa Norisugi, the social director of the Education Ministry’s Bureau of Education, an attempt to utilize movies for youth education is being promoted.

In an interview with “Shakai to Kyoka,” a magazine that launched the same year, Yamane Mikito, a film director, said, “If many boys commit crimes through activity photography, they have to admit that such activity photography has such great power. If, after all, the film is used in reverse to show a useful film, then it is needless to say that a juvenile and a young man can be guided by his intrinsic influence.”.

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