Thursday, June 23 1921: Hariharnath Toral Atal memorial service.

1921 (Taisho 10) Thursday, June 23 A memorial service for Indian lecturer Hariharnath Toral Atal at Tokyo School of Foreign Languages will be held at Tokyo Imperial University. On June 14, around 2 PM, Atal was in agony after taking a powerful drug in an 8-mat room on the second floor of his house. The maid found him in agony and immediately gave him medical treatment, but his death was confirmed at 4 PM.

Atal came to Japan 5 years ago, in 1916, from Varanasi city of United Province in India, now called Uttar Pradesh, which was then part of the British territory. He has always complained about British rule of India, but his will also contain a protest against the British government. There is a view that he committed suicide because he was pressed by the British government to provide Japanese military information. The day’s memorial service was held at a Hindu ceremony, attended by Asians such as Seigo Nakano and Shumei Okawa, who gave condolences.

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