Saturday, September 3 1921: Prince Hirohito landed in Yokohama after completing his European tour

1921 (Taisho 10) On Saturday, September 3, Prince Hirohito landed in Yokohama after completing his European tour. Prime Minister Takashi Hara, Minister of State and other high-ranking officials boarded the battleship Katori from Yokohama Port to greet the Crown Prince. There were a lot of visitors at Yokohama Port. We took a train from Yokohama Station to Tokyo Station, and then returned to Takanawa Togu Gosho in a covered carriage from Tokyo Station. The whole roadside was filled with a crowd that had no room to stand, and the cheers of “banzai” never stopped.

According to a message from Crown Prince Hirohito, the most impressive things during his visit to Europe were the misery of the war and the devastation of the battlefield caused by the First World War, and he said that Japan was convinced of the importance of cooperation with European powers in the future as well as the importance of academic, literary and industrial exchanges with Europe. Regrettably, however, Japan was destined to be plunged into the misery of war as the interests of Japan and Western powers clashed over China’s interests. In 1921, just 10 years after Prince Hirohito returned from Europe, the Manchurian Incident broke out.

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