Thursday, April 21 1921: Japan’s first women’s socialist organization “Sekirankai” was established.

1921 (Taisho 10) Thursday, April 21 Japan’s first women’s socialist organization “Sekirankai (Red Wave)” was established. “We are resolute in declaring war against all our oppression, our lack, our ignorance and our slavery.” he declared. The foundation was established with Kikuei Yamakawa (30) and Noe Ito (26) as advisors, and was led by Fusako Kuzumi (30), the wife of anarchists Myo Nakano and Kori, and Shizue Akizuki, who belonged to the May Society; a painter of the proletarian art movement Haruko Hashiura (22) and a younger sister Yasuo Hashiura, who belonged to the Proletarian Art Movement; and Magara Sakai (18), a daughter of socialist Toshihiko Sakai.

It made a spectacular appearance in the second May Day demonstration on May 1 and became famous after being widely covered by newspapers. She came to have a deeper conflict with “New Women’s Association”, the first women’s group in Japan, which was formed by Raicho Hiratsuka, Fusae Ichikawa and Okumume Ora, who were also women’s political movement groups.

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