Tuesday, May 31 1921: Hanzo YAMANASHI will be appointed to Army Minister

1921 (Taisho 10) Tuesday, May 31 Prime Minister Takashi HARA visited Aritomo Yamagata. Yamagata came to Tokyo from his home in Odawara on the 28th and stayed at the Chinzan-so villa in Tokyo. In February, Army Minister Giichi TANAKA received angina pectoris and submitted his resignation, but Prime Minister Takashi HARA did not accept his resignation. Hara consulted with Yamagata about the appointment of Tanaka’s successor. Hanzo YAMANASHI, who was recommended by Tanaka, was tentatively appointed as his successor. Yamanashi carried out the first disarmament in the Army’s history the following year. This famous disarmament is called Yamanashi Disarmament.

Takashi Hara visited Aritomo Yamagata and said as follows. As for the successor to Giichi TANAKA, Minister of Army, he said that Hanzo YAMANASHI, current Vice Minister of Army was suitable for Tanaka. I have many acquaintances in the Army, but no one knows its character deeply. That’s why I’m having a hard time deciding who to replace. When I asked Yamagata what he thought of Mr. Yamanashi, he said he couldn’t make up his mind. Even for Yamagata, who is now an old man, there are only younger soldiers of the generation like his grandchildren. I don’t know what kind of person Mr. Yamanashi is, so it would be good to leave it to Mr. Tanaka and decide on Mr. Yamanashi. “Takashi Hara Diary Vol. 5: Prime Minister’s Era” edited by Keiichiro Hara, Fukumura Shuppan, 1981, p. 394.

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